PCM in the Rose Garden

This spring, visitors to the Huntington Library’s Rose Garden have enjoyed a combination of nature and music thanks to a new collaboration between The Huntington and PCM: Music in the Rose Garden.

Every Monday for the last six weeks, PCM faculty members have been playing among the roses, turning a stroll through the garden into a memorable musical experience. Performances have featured Erika Walczak (violin) and Simone Vitucci (cello), as well as guitarists Brian Barany and Bryan Fasola.

Tom Carruth, Curator of the Rose Garden, first approached PCM in the fall about a potential collaboration that would enhance the garden experience. Inspired by a recent visit to the Portland Rose Garden, which provides regular music programming, Tom wanted to bring a similar experience to The Huntington.

“The addition of music in the garden had been mulling in my head for quite a while,” Tom shared. “Coming into the Rose Garden is a transformative experience for many of our visitors. The addition of music takes them to the next level of enjoyment.”

Erika Walczak expressed her excitement about the collaboration: “What a thrill to perform classical favorites amidst the natural beauty of the Huntington Rose Garden with my cellist friend, Simone Vitucci! The birdsong, fragrance of the roses, and families gathered to listen create a most uplifting environment for musicians.”

A male guitarist plays in a rose garden

PCM’s partnership with The Huntington exemplifies our commitment to community engagement and cultural enrichment, and supports our mission to provide opportunities for students of all ages and backgrounds to learn, perform, and enjoy music. By taking our programs off campus and into the community, PCM brings the joy of music to new audiences, allowing more people to experience the enjoyment and power of live performances.

“We’re delighted to be collaborating with such a distinguished institution,” says PCM’s Executive Director, Stephen McCurry. “As PCM’s community partnerships continue to grow both on and off campus, Music in the Rose Garden at The Huntington is an especially beautiful pairing.”

A male guitarist plays in a rose garden

With performances planned for fall, PCM is excited to expand the lineup to feature additional PCM faculty and a wider variety of instruments, ensuring that even more visitors can enjoy live music in the Rose Garden. We invite you to bring a blanket and join us in the fall when Music in the Rose Garden resumes on September 23.