Simone Vitucci portrait

Simone Vitucci

Simone Vitucci has always had music in her life, and began studying cello as a child in South Africa. At the age of 15 she played as a soloist with the Cape Town Symphony Orchestra on a beautiful old French cello. The cello was gifted to her, and is still her main instrument. Her playing has won numerous awards, including a National Endowment for the Arts grant, as well as scholarships to various US universities including Yale, where she studied with the legendary cellist Aldo Parisot.

Her music has allowed her to tour throughout the world, and to play a diverse range of musical styles ranging from classical to jazz. She has played cello for rock and pop stars such as Beyoncé, the Eagles, Burt Bacharach, Glen Hansard, Shreya Ghoshal and Rod Stewart, recorded soundtracks for Hollywood movies and video games, and appeared in commercials, TV and radio shows. She loves to pass on her enthusiasm for music through teaching and participating in various outreach programs, including Concerts for Hope, an organization which brings inspiration to the most unlikely places.