Student and teacher in a classical guitar lesson
Three young musicians playing piano, cello, and violin in a practice room

Some kids know from a young age that they want to be a musician, while others have multiple interests and find music a useful accompaniment to their many artistic and academic pursuits. Our student body is broad and diverse. At PCM, you’ll find infants who are learning to shake maracas and move their bodies to a rhythm, and high-school age chamber music students who are winning national competitions and preparing for college auditions.

The Conservatory’s extensive schedule of performances, master classes, and professional workshops offer many opportunities to become involved in our school. When you enroll in classes at PCM, you are not just signing up for a weekly lesson; you’re entering into an immersive community where you’ll find inspiring teachers, fellow musicians to collaborate with, performances to attend, and a place to call your musical home.

Our Curriculum

Music study at PCM is based on a curriculum continuum, which means instruction builds on prior experience and skills.

Student Voices