Students may enroll in our Smart Start / Young Musicians program as early as four months old. Each instrumental department has its own age guidelines, so please refer to specific department pages for more information about when your student may start on an instrument.

Yes, we accept students at any time provided we have space for them. Enrollment is required for the remainder of the school year.

PCM is a great place to begin your music studies. Our instructors are highly qualified and are able to teach students at all different levels.

Yes, we expect all students to acquire or rent their own instrument. We are happy to recommend local stores where you may rent or buy one.

The answer to this question varies by department. Parents/Guardians attend Smart Start / Young Musicians classes with their children and most Suzuki string and guitar teachers ask that parents sit in on lessons in order to understand the curriculum and participate in the process of music education with their child. For the rest of the departments, it comes down to teacher and parent preference.

Yes! Adults may take private lessons with a teacher.  We also offer quarterly theory, history, and composition, and adult studies classes which meet on a weekly basis and are a good way to stay sharp and socialize with other music enthusiasts. We also have many on-campus performances that are open to the public, not just studying musicians.

You are welcome to discuss the issue with someone in our front office. Alternative instructors might be available. If this option is not satisfactory please refer to our withdrawal policy.

Students are expected to practice on a daily basis for at least as long as their lesson length. When students join group classes or ensembles (which are required for string and guitar departments) they are committing to additional instruction and practice time.

We are located at 100 North Hill Avenue, two blocks below the 210 Freeway and half a block above Colorado Boulevard.

Parking is available on our campus. The entrance is in between the North and South buildings. Additional parking is available on weeknights Mon-Fri after 4:30 p.m. and weekends at 70 and 52 North Hill Avenue.

Student safety is our paramount concern. Therefore, everyone driving and parking on campus is expected to comply with the following regulations:

Parking is only authorized in specific, designated parking spaces. Parking is prohibited in the designated drop off zone. Vehicles may not park, idle or stand (whether occupied or not) in traffic lanes or obstruct traffic or obstruct legally parked vehicles in any way.

Operation of skateboards, roller skates, rollerblades, and non-motorized scooters in the PCM parking lot is prohibited.

Any vehicle parked, operated, or driven on campus shall be solely at the risk of the owner/operator. PCM assumes no liability or responsibility whatsoever for any damage to or theft from any vehicle parked at or driven onto the PCM campus.

Any suspicious activity in the parking lot should be reported to PCM staff immediately.

Pasadena Conservatory of Music is an approved vendor for several charter schools. See a list of charter schools here.

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