Ojai Music Festival × Pasadena Conservatory of Music

Four pianists playing in Barrett Hall

On Saturday, August 7th, PCM and the Ojai Music Festival presented An Overture in Barrett Hall. The concert, which featured performances by Ojai Music Festival artists as well as students and faculty from PCM’s new-music performing ensemble, ensemblePROVA, was part of a series of surprise musical pop-ups scheduled throughout August as a prelude to Ojai’s 75th Festival in September.

Executive Directors of Ojai Music Festival and Pasadena Conservatory of Music talking in Barrett Hall

PCM was honored to partner with the Ojai Music Festival for the concert, which included remarks by PCM Executive Director, Stephen McCurry, and Ojai Music Festival Artistic & Executive Director, Ara Guzelimian.

Musicians play in Barrett Hall

An Overture

Pasadena Conservatory of Music Students and Faculty

Stravinsky: Five Easy Pieces
Performed by Amber Chen, Annie Debreu, Nina Dinan, Rosemary Li, Susan Svrček

Feldman: Piece for Four Pianos
Performed by Amber Chen, Annie Debreu, Nic Gerpe, Rosemary Li

Ojai Music Festival Artists

Dylan Mattingly: Cloud Atlas for piano and 1/4 tone-tuned microtonal piano
Vicki Ray, pianist, Aron Kallay, pianist

John Adams: Road Movies
Alyssa Park, violinist, Vicki Ray, pianist

Guests attend an event in the courtyard