Faculty Concerts 2020-21

6 boxes each filled with men and women playing guitars, violins, and cellos.

Faculty concerts provide an opportunity to both showcase PCM’s talented faculty members while also offering students the valuable experience of seeing their instructors perform in a formal, public setting. As such, presenting these quarterly concerts has been an important and enduring tradition at the Conservatory.

For the first time, last year’s faculty concerts were filmed, edited, and presented virtually. So that this year’s faculty concerts can enjoy the same increased reach and visibility, and so that students and families can continue to refer back to the videos to see and hear their teachers perform anytime, we plan to present our 2021-22 faculty concerts in both live and filmed formats.

Chopin’s Etudes

Friday, November, 13, 2020

Our first faculty concert of the 2020-21 school year featured members of the PCM piano faculty performing Chopin’s etudes. The concert was a companion piece to our film, Alice’s Piano, presented in partnership with the Holocaust Museum Los Angeles and Steinway & Sons. Performances were recorded at the Holocaust Museum LA and Barrett Hall.

Performers, in order of appearance:
Eugene Kim
Dr. Kathryn Eames
Dr. Nic Gerpe
Dr. Vatché Mankerian
Dr. Stephen Cook
Elizabeth Zacharias
Elizabeth Babor
Dr. Alexander Zhu

Bach: Unaccompanied

Friday, March 12, 2021

Our second faculty concert featured instructors from our Strings and Guitar Departments performing unaccompanied pieces by J.S. Bach.

Performers, in order of appearance:
Felix Bullock, guitar
Erika Walczak, violin
Niklas Bertani, cello
Brian Barany, guitar
Andrew Cook, cello
Elizabeth Hedman, violin

Winds, Brass, and Percussion

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Our final faculty concert of the 2020-21 school year featured faculty members from the Winds, Brass, and Percussion Department. The performances were recorded in Barrett Hall and from home and compiled into a year-end virtual recital.

Performers, in order of appearance:
Dr. Jenni Olson, flute
Melissa Frey, bassoon
Dr. Laura Stoutenborough, clarinet
Chris Stoutenborough, clarinet
Danielle Ondarza, horn