Practice-a-thon 2020

Practice-a-thon 2020 came to an exciting end, with the total time practiced by students, faculty, parents, and staff exceeding 100,000 minutes! We are completely blown away by and incredibly proud of you – our musical community – for your commitment to practicing and raising funds for scholarships, even during such challenging times.

We are delighted to share the results from Practice-a-thon 2020 below and encourage you to tune into Performapalooza this Friday, November 6. We have dedicated a page on our website, showcasing pre-recorded student performances that highlight all the hard work from this past month. Content will become available at 6 p.m. Enjoy!

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Practice-a-thon 2020 Prize Winners

Greatest participation among students in a PCM Department:
Strings Department with 25%

Studio with the most time practiced:
Megan Shung: 235 hours

Studios that practiced 100+ hours:
Aimée Kreston: 153 hours
Elizabeth Hedman: 137 hours
Elizabeth Babor: 126 hours
Stephen Cook: 123 hours
Mariné Ter-Kazaryan: 106 hours

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Most time practiced:
Florence Lau, violin: 111 hours

Most funds raised:
Cassidy Itamura, piano: $620

Most sponsors:
Lucas Wang, piano: 10 sponsors

Most number of practice room check-ins:
Robert Agapie and Liana Itaya

Raffle prize for raising $50+ and/or practicing every day during Practice-a-thon:
Lucas Wang, piano

Noteworthy mentions

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Combined, the following students practiced 516 hours:
Florence Lau, violin: 111 hours
Eddie Zhou, violin: 72 hours
Nichole Aye, violin: 52 hours
June Li, piano: 51 hours
Ferris Haukom, violin and viola: 45 hours
Tyler Hernandez, piano: 45 hours
Keilani Bolhuis, violin: 43 hours
Robert Agapie, violin: 34 hours
Ellie Guerrero, violin: 33 hours
Gabrielle Gans, violin: 30 hours

The most amount of time practiced on a single day during Practice-a-thon was on October 8 when students collectively practiced 67 hours!

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Cece McIntyre (violin and piano), Florence Lau (violin), and Tyler Hernandez (piano) tied for the most amount of time practiced by a single student on a single day: 5 hours!

The following students practiced every single day during Practice-a-thon – that’s 31 days straight!

  • Benjamin Chiu, piano
  • Caroline Chiu, piano
  • Donya Jadvar, piano
  • Ellie Guerrero, violin
  • Florence Lau, violin
  • Gabriel Wong, guitar
  • Isaac Lee, piano
  • June Li, piano
  • Kate Rome, piano
  • Keilani Bolhuis, violin
  • Lauren Bae, piano
  • Maddie Rome, piano
  • Michaela Lau, voice
  • Michaela Press, piano
  • Ofer Afik, violin
  • Owen Landon, violin
  • Robert Agapie, violin
  • Shahar Afik, trumpet
  • Steinunn Liorsdottir, piano
  • Terence Lee, piano
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Students raised $9,325 in sponsorship pledges from 52 donors.

A special thank you to everyone who reached out to friends and family about sponsoring their practice this month. We are incredibly grateful for your help raising funds for scholarships!

  • Cassidy Itamura, piano
  • Damian and Julian Chagoya, piano
  • Elizabeth Babor, piano
  • Elizabeth Zacharias, piano
  • Ella Sawitzke, Young Musicians
  • Isaac and Terence Lee, piano
  • Jack Smith, guitar
  • June Li, piano
  • Karen Brown, piano
  • Keegan Sutantyo, piano
  • Keilani Bolhuis, violin
  • Liana Itaya, violin
  • Lucas Wang, piano
  • Michael Holmes, oboe and flute
  • Ramona Bradford, piano
  • Rebecca Avina, piano
  • Tyler Hernandez, piano
Students in zoom meeting with the word