Stay-at-Home Diaries | Priscilla Moorman, Student and Supporter

On Thursday March, 19, Los Angeles residents were asked to stay in their residences and limit all activities outside of their homes beyond what is necessary for essential tasks. Days later, PCM adapted its lessons and programs and launched a “distance learning” spring quarter.

For this series, we’re checking in with students, instructors, and staff members to see how they’re managing and how distance learning (and teaching) is working for them.

Priscilla Moorman is a long-time student and supporter of the Pasadena Conservatory of Music. Her daughter, Jane Carruthers Moorman, recently shared an update on how Priscilla plays on during this time.

Older woman stands in front of a doorway

Priscilla Moorman used to take music history classes with Priscilla Pawlicki and attended many lectures at PCM, learning so much about the great inventive works of the composers who inspire players to give everything they have.

Years ago, Priscilla enjoyed playing the late Beethoven Sonatas and now, at 96, she continues playing piano duets with her long time teacher Polli Chambers-Salazar, a former member of PCM’s piano department.

Although Priscilla lost her sight, she continues to play and study piano throughout the shutdown. While she has diminished hearing, she is still able to perceive the vibrations of the piano and correct herself.

Throughout this crisis, Priscilla remains thankful that Pasadena Conservatory of Music is dedicated to offering music to the youngest AND the oldest.