Faculty Profiles | Elizabeth Hedman

Elizabeth Hedman began teaching violin at PCM in 2017. Elizabeth plays regularly with the Los Angeles Opera, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, and the Los Angeles Master Chorale. She is also a member of Pasadena String Quartet with PCM faculty members Andrew Picken and Aimee Kreston. Here are some interesting facts about Elizabeth.

Woman plays violin with images of sting, music notes, and schubert with an x over him superimposed around her.

What is your favorite piece, performer, or composer for your instrument:
EH: Don’t make me choose! So many good ones! But I confess that it wouldn’t be Schubert. I especially love early 20th century composers from all over the world. 

What is your favorite musical word:
EH: Lusingando: in a coaxing, caressing, flattering, or alluring style

What is something about you that most people don’t know:
EH: I like to collect geodes! Also, I want to be a dancer!

What is your favorite concert you’ve given or attended:
EH: I just watched David Byrne’s “American Utopia” on tv and thought it was awesome. Also went to see “The Last Ship” at the Ahmanson before the shutdown. Sting wrote it and also was in it! A wonderful musical.

What do you like most about teaching:
EH: I love teaching because each of my students is incredibly intelligent and engaging. They are fantastic human beings! They are all creative, but in different ways, which makes it fun and challenging to help each problem solve and play to their strengths. It also helps me play better too, I hope!