Jadon Elliott

Man plays guitar

Eighteen year old Jadon Elliott has studied at PCM since he was seven. He began in the Young Musicians program and went on to study guitar with Brian Barany and enroll in PCM’s Junior Guitar Orchestra, Los Angeles Youth Guitar Orchestra, Music Theory, and Guitar Chamber Music. He even travelled with LAYGO to Germany as part of PCM’s cultural exchange with the Stuttgarter Musikschule. His two younger brothers, Jude and Asher, also study at PCM and, prior to the shutdown, it was not uncommon to run into any one of them heading to a practice room, jamming with other students outside the Auditorium, or visiting with PCM staff.

In May, Jadon was scheduled to present his senior guitar recital in Barrett Hall, a rite of passage for many students as they conclude their high school music studies. However, when Covid-19 caused a mass cancellation of events worldwide, senior recitals like Jadon’s were cancelled as well.

So when he sent us the video of his senior recital, which he recorded over the summer, we asked if we could share it with the PCM community. We are delighted to feature his recital on our YouTube page and include it with this blogpost.

Jadon also sent a heartwarming letter to Executive Director Stephen McCurry, sharing highlights from his time at PCM.

“Everyone has always been kind and supportive to me and all of the students. I met some of my best friends within your walls, and met some of the kindest, most caring and compassionate teachers and staff members…”

“I want to thank my absolutely fantastic private teacher Brian Barany. He has taught me so much and has been so supportive of my music development. I also want to thank Felix Bullock for his enthusiasm and supportiveness as my LAYGO conductor. He has given me fantastic advice, sometimes without even knowing it. I want to thank Adam Pettit for some fantastic lessons, for coaching my section many times during LAYGO, and for the wonderful walks in Prague and Germany. I want to thank David Margolis for all of those Suzuki classes and LAYGO coachings long ago. Thank you to Mr. Scott Tennant for the time you gave to coach Guitarra Del Alma. I will really miss seeing all of you every week.”

“I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for nurturing the deep love of music that I have… I may be moving on to college, but know that you are a large part of what got me there. Your support gave me the courage to reach for the stars and aim high. I am preparing to apply as a music composition major for the fall of 2021, and without your care I would not have the courage to try.”

“Thank you, thank you for giving me the chance to fall in love with the art of making music.”

Jadon – congratulations from all of us at PCM! We are so proud of you and look forward to hearing your compositions in the future!