Enrollment is for the entire school year. Annual tuition includes 36 weeks of instruction.

Students are invoiced on an annual basis. Payment will be collected in one of the following ways:

  1. Tuition paid in full by August 15, 2017 is discounted 5%.
  2. Tuition may be paid in three quarterly installments on August 15, November 15, and February 15.
  3. Tuition can be paid in monthly installments. Monthly installments are automatically deducted from a credit card left on file.

You must contact the office at the start of the school year to set up a monthly payment plan.

Summer lessons are billed separately from the school year, so you will also need to contact the office at the start of summer session to arrange a payment plan.

Initial payment for summer lessons is due June 15. If you take more summer lessons than what you originally scheduled, you will receive a finalized summer invoice in September.

If a student discontinues prior to the end of the school year, an early withdrawal fee of $150 will be assessed. Discontinuation is effective on the date that a student submits written notification to the front office. Under no circumstances will tuition be retroactively refunded or credited. Students are responsible for notifying the office of discontinuation in a timely manner.

Tuition is prorated for students enrolling after the start of the school year. Please refer to our General Policies and Procedures or YM Policies and Procedures for more information about enrollment and refund policies.

Tuition and Fees for Adults

Annual tuition is based on 36 weeks of instruction. Adult students are allowed to register on a quarterly basis (12 weeks) at the instructor’s discretion

Individual lessons

Rate Quarter Annual
30 minute lessons $51 $612 $1,836
45 minute lessons $73 $876 $2, 628
60 minute lessons $91 $1,092 $3,276
75 minute lessons $112.50 $1,350 $4,050
90 minute lessons $135 $1,620 $4,860

Music History classes

Rate 4 weeks 5 weeks 10 weeks
$30 $120/108* $150/135* $300/270*


Rate Quarter Annual
Adult Guitar Orchestra $25/20* $300/240* $900/720*
Piano Ensemble $25/20* $300/240* $900/720*
Artes Vocales of Los Angeles** $10 $120 $360

* discount for taking private lessons

**additional materials fee of up to $40 will apply each semester


Individual lessons (without group lessons)

Individual Lessons

Rate Quarter Annual
30-min. lessons $51 $612 $1,836
45-min. lessons $73 $876 $2,628
60-min. lessons $91 $1,092 $3,276
75-min. lessons $112.50 $1,350 $4,050
90-min. lessons $135 $1,620 $4,860

Artist-Teacher Individual Lessons

Rate Quarter Annual
30-min. lessons $58 $696 $2,088
45-min. lessons $85 $1020 $3,060
60-min. lessons $112 $1,344 $4,032
90-min. lessons $168 $2,016 $6,048

Group Classes

Group Classes

Rate Quarter Annual
Strings or Guitar Musicianship** $25 $300 $900
Suzuki Group/Annecto Strings** $10 $120 $360
 Jazz Orchestra $10 $120 $360
Junior Guitar Orchestra** $20 $240 $720
Los Angeles Youth Guitar Orchestra** $25 $300 $900
Music Theory*** $25 $375 $1,125


Rate Quarter Annual
Groups of 3-5 students $37/32* $444/384* $1,332/1,152*

Repertoire/Studio Class    $20/class

*Discount for students concurrently enrolled in individual lessons.

**Students must be enrolled in private lessons to participate.

***Materials Fee will apply

Young Musicians

All levels

For the year $900

Materials fees between $35 and $53 per year will apply.

Other Fees

Late Payment Fee$25

Returned Check Fee $25

YM Early Withdrawal Fee $100

Individual Lesson Early Withdrawal Fee $150

Note: Tuition will be prorated if students enroll mid-year

Pasadena Conservatory of Music admits students of any race, color, national/ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, religious affiliation, and ability. It does not discriminate in its admission, retention, financial aid, scholarship, educational policies, or school administered programs.