Musical Interludes | The Vexations

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Musical Interludes | The Vexations


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The Vexations

A Novel by Caitlin Horrocks, 2019

“But we’re all trying to make something small… The only way big ideas get inside is by making them small.”
– Erik Satie

A title borrowed from a work by the enigmatic composer Erik Satie, The Vexations offers a glimpse of his life told through the stories of those closest to him. From Satie’s early childhood to his emergence among the Parisian avant-garde in Belle Époque France, this novel expands beyond a biography to explore and revel in the intimate human connections that make up a life.

PCM faculty and friends explore works by Erik Satie, his contemporaries, and those most influenced by his compositional philosophies.

The Vexations may be purchased through Vroman’s Bookstore.