Fugitive Pieces

Mansions & Music

At the Home of Charles and Caroline Norman


Canadian poet Anne Michaels’s novel Fugitive Pieces tells the story of a young Holocaust survivor haunted by the loss of family, particularly at times, by the memory of his sister playing the piano. Israeli composer and pianist Gilead Mishory’s work of the same name evokes scenes from the novel, with fragmentary references to the remembered pieces.

Pianist Susan Svrček will perform Beethoven’s Sonata No. 14, op. 27, no. 2 in C-sharp Minor (Moonlight); Brahms’s Intermezzo op.117, no. 2 in B-flat Minor; and Mishory’s Fugitive Pieces, with narration by actress and PCM board member Jane Kaczmarek.


PCM will present Fugitive Pieces in the home of Caroline and Charles Norman, a modern tribute to the English country manor with hand-hewn wood and stone details. The gardens feature an array of outdoor rooms with the mixed borders and lush greenery that are hallmarks of English country-house style.

At the Home of Charles and Caroline Norman

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