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Become a Musical Interludes Season Sponsor!

As a season sponsor, you are not only helping PCM create engaging virtual concert programs, you are providing critical support for students to continue learning and engaging with music, even during these challenging times. See the dropdown menu below for examples of what your gift supports.

Weekly 45-minute lessons for one student, one school year

Weekly ensemble instructions for one student, one school year

Weekly 30-minute private lessons for one student, one quarter

All sponsors receive early access to each Musical Interlude, recognition in donor listings, and opportunities to engage with other sponsors and musicians online. Additionally, Julienne Fine Foods will make a culinary accompaniment exclusively available to sponsors for purchase.

Current Season: For Your Reading Pleasure...

This season, each concert is inspired by a book with a musical subject. We invite you, our sponsors and audience members, to join us in reading each book, which may be purchased through Vroman’s Bookstore.

Our Mansions & Music Sponsors 2019-2020

The Atwood Family
Olin and Ann Barrett
Lance and Jane Bird
Pamela and Shannon Clyne
Norma and Gary* Cowles
Linda S. Dickason
Georgianna Bray Erskine
Don and Taylor Hall
Judith G. Kelly
Patricia H. Ketchum
Harvey and Ellen Knell
Marlene Konnar and John Baldeschwieler
June and Simon Li
Alison and Charles Lifland
Jay Lusche
Roger and Gloria V. Mullendore
Mei-Lee Ney
Juliann and Andy Rooke
Dorothy McCay Scully
Karen and Jim Stracka

Peggy Adams and Joel Edstrom
Brownie and Robert Allen
Max Brennan and Sigrid Burton
George and Marilyn Brumder
Julie Campoy
Francine Cooper
Michael and Wendy Crowley
The Sahan Daywi Foundation
David M. Davis
Sandra Esserman and Stephen McCurry
Henry and Mary Eversole
Richard and Christine Goetz
Bill Hannon Foundation
Julia and John Itamura
Julienne Fine Foods
Jane Kaczmarek
Joyce and Tom Leddy
Eric and Suzie Lee
Norah Morley and Anthony Koerner
Gretl and Arnold Mulder
Bob and Arlene Oltman
Kay Paietta
Janet Rose
Christine Sisley and Ken Garen
Annette Sneidmiller and James Ballinger*
Mindy and Gene Stein
Ann and Steven Sunshine
Betsey Tyler
Mary and Bill* Urquhart


Sara and George Abdo
Catherine “Tink” Cheney and Barry Jones
Felix Cumare
Rosa Cumare
Mr. and Mrs. E.W. Engs
Janis Frame and Sanford Zisman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Gillespie
Margie and Paul Grossman
Celia Hunt
Marie-Laure Leglise
Jennifer Lewis and Albert Meymarian
Claude and Frank Logan
Marguerite Marsh, Ph.D
Javier and Berenice Ortega
Katherine A. Orth
Maggie Mae Pipstockings
Ken and Erika Riley
Ellyn and Rich Semler
Rosemary Simmons
Laurie Sowd
Peggy C. Spear
Mary Ann Sturgeon
Suzanne and Jon Torgeson
Monica and Sebastian Zacharia
Cheryl and Peter Ziegler

Please accept our sincere apologies for any mistakes or omissions. If you note an error, please contact Melissa Froehlich, Director of Development, at 626.683.3355 or

*denotes deceased