Faculty Profiles | Alexander Zhu

Alexander Zhu has taught piano at PCM since 2017. He also serves on the piano and theory faculty of Pierce College. Dr. Zhu is an enthusiastic educator of piano, music theory, and composition; he maintains a busy teaching schedule, focusing on inspiring a lifelong love for music in his students and preparing them to pursue their passion for their instrument.

What is your favorite piece, performer, or composer:
AZ: So many! But some of my favorite composers include Mozart, Debussy, Gershwin, Steve Reich, and John Williams.

What is your favorite musical word:
AZ: Tessitura: a fun and very specific word to say! Italian for “the best register for a singer or instrument to create a good sound”.

What is something about you that most people don’t know:
AZ: I’m a big Star Wars and Star Trek fan! I also love to cook and garden, and even play a video game every once in a while (gasp!).

What is your favorite concert you’ve given or attended:
AZ: I got to hear Martha Argerich play the Schumann Piano Concerto with the LAPhil – it was so beautiful I cried.

What do you like most about teaching:
AZ: I love teaching because I get to share my joy of music with amazing students. Music is so complex and beautiful at the same time and there are so many different ways to learn about it – finding out about what interests my students is what motivates me.