Meleeah Abkarian portrait

Meleeah Abkarian

Meleeah Abkarian is a Los Angeles-based Soprano. She began training operatically at PCM, and now holds her M.M. degree in Vocal Performance from California State University, Northridge. In 2019, Meleeah became an honorary member of the Pi Kappa Lamda National Music Honor Society. Meleeah’s performance experience has spanned internationally with the FAVA Opera Program in France, Summer Arts in Germany, and VISI in Vancouver. Meleeah’s inclusion of Armenian songs in her performance repertory has gained her recognition by the Armenian Chronicles, where writer Lara Injeyan expresses that “the clear yet ever present voice of the young Meleeah Abkarian reminds her of what and amazing thing it is to be moved by music.” Meleeah continues her training with PCM faculty member Mariné Ter-Kazaryan as she continues to advance her career as a young artist.