PCM in the Rose Garden
Celebrating AAPI Month: Spotlight on Friends in our Musical Community
Celebrating Women’s History Month | Part 3
Celebrating Women’s History Month | Part 2
Celebrating Women’s History Month | Part 1
Audrey Lord
Michael Kaufman
The Catrina Skull Makeup + Día de los Muertos
John Swain
New Faculty Members | 2023 – 2024
Aimee McAnulty
Michelle Nguyen
Ferris Haukom
The Secret Piano⼁Meet Peter Fang
Jacqueline Andresen
Ashlee Sung | Music & Mental Health
Olin Barrett: A Force For Good in Our Community, His Impact On The Pasadena Conservatory of Music Was Transformational
2020-2021 Annual Report
ArtNight | October 2021
A Musical Reunion: PCM’s Alums Perform a Private Concert in Barrett Hall
Faculty Profile | Susan Svrček
Composer of the Year
Cindy Lewis, Operations Manager
ensemblePROVA | Online Recital
ArtNight 2021
Presenting the Unaccompanied Bach Faculty Concert
2019-2020 Annual Report
ArtNight 2020
PCM Artist-Teacher Aimée Kreston to Helm Chamber Music Department
Dr. Ernest Harrison | Cantare Chamber Singers
Young Musicians Classes
Stay-at-Home Diaries | Erika Walczak, Violin and Viola Faculty
Stay-at-Home Diaries | Laurie Sowd, Student and Supporter
Stay-at-Home Diaries | Silvana Gutierrez, Alumna
Stay-at-Home Diaries | Sharon Weed, YM Faculty
Stay-at-home Diaries | Ruby Wang, Piano Faculty
Insights: Learning Music in a Crisis
Stay-at-Home Diaries | Christopher Goodpasture, Alumnus
Stay-at-Home Diaries | Amy Rowe, Piano Faculty
Stay-at-Home Diaries | Jane Moorman, Supporter
Stay-at-Home Diaries | Danielle Ondarza, Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion Department Chair
Stay-at-Home Diaries | Vana Kojikian, Student
Insights: Learning Music in a Crisis
Stay-at-Home Diaries | Eugene Kim, Event Coordinator
Stay-at-Home Diaries | Priscilla Moorman, Student and Supporter
Stay-at-Home Diaries | Kim Nakae, Adult Student
Stay-at-Home Diaries | Stephen Cook, Piano Department Chair
Stay-at-Home Diaries | Hadassah Taylor, Student
Stay-at-Home Diaries | Erica Lee, Alumna
Stay-at-Home Diaries | Jeannie Robbins, Director of Operations and Student Services
Eric Lifland
Julian Gray Master Class
Faculty Voices | Scott Tennant
PCM Homecoming | Erica Lee
Why Juries? | Danielle Ondarza
Scenes from PCM’s Adult Studies Department
Laura and Chris Stoutenborough: Summer Clarinet Camp 2017
Marta Stevanovic
Alums Return to PCM’s Chamber Music Intensive as Apprentice Coaches
David Rodgers