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T.J. Troy

T.J. Troy combines an eclectic knowledge of percussion from around the world with his innate musicality to create a distinct and powerful voice in the world of contemporary percussion. As a soloist, ensemble player, and with the numerous artists he collaborates with, Troy has established himself as one of the most multifaceted and sought after percussion artists in Los Angeles. He is principal percussionist for MESTO, the Multi-Ethnic Star Orchestra, a group specializing in the classical music of the Middle East; in the ensemble Partch, he is the champion of the giant bass marimba; and in Run Downhill, his compositions come to life next to comic art and narrative. Troy has appeared at some of the most prestigious festivals of music around the world, including the Sounds of Arabia Festival (UAE 2010), the International Book Fair (Mexico 2009), the Territoria Festival (Russia 2008), the 16th Arabic Music Conference (Egypt 2007), and the Jerash Festival of Arts (Jordan 2007). He received his bachelor’s of music in percussion performance from the University of Michigan, and his master of fine arts degree, specializing in percussion, from the California Institute of the Arts.

Music is a vehicle for communication of thought and idea, both internally within the musician, and externally to the greater world around us. The study and practice of music is a reflection of our own personal values, and as art imitates life, our role as musicians and educators is to teach the art form, while simultaneously demonstrating strength of character and resolve.
T.J. Troy