Laura Mazon Franqui portrait

Laura Mazon Franqui

Laura Mazon Franqui is one of the leading Cuban and Latin American classical guitarists of her generation. Recently awarded with the Augustine Artist endorsement sponsored by Augustine Strings, she is now part of a historically recognized collective comprised of the world’s finest guitarists which started with the great Andres Segovia. Laura Mazon is also a Cordoba Guitars Artist, and a Guitar Salon International scholarship awardee. The young guitarist aims to break the boundaries and challenge the orthodoxy present in the classical guitar world, offering a unique musical perspective of the guitar, infused by the rich cultural heritage of her Cuban roots, the best of the classical traditions, and the contemporary trends and influences of the 21st Century.

Laura is also a Hispanic Scholar (Hispanic Scholarship Foundation), a Florida Guitar Foundation and Guitar Foundation of America member, as well as a member of the American Musicological Society. She has served as Head of Guitar Jury at the National Federation of Music Teachers guitar Competition in Miami, having taught for several years at the University of Miami Frost Preparatory Program, and regularly gives lectures, workshops, and masterclasses at renowned institutions, non- profits, and guitar programs in the United States and Latin America.