Mansions & Music Sponsorship

Since 1994, the generosity of our series sponsors has played a key role in Mansion & Music’s enduring success. ​As a ​Mansions & Music sponsor​, you will​ receive priority invitations to Mansions & Music concerts, as well as preview events, and donor and special events. ​You also receive a 10 percent discount for one music history course during the school year, and acknowledgement online and in Mansions & Music concert programs and invitations.

You can also become a Mansions & Music sponsor by mailing a check (include “Mansions & Music sponsorship” in the memo) and over the phone. For more information and inquiries on how to become a sponsor, call 626.683.3355.

Current Season: A Celebration of the Virtuoso

Brilliant Compositions Performed by Distinguished Artists

Our Mansions & Music Sponsors 2015-2016

Brownie and Robert Allen
Olin and Ann Barrett
Lance and Jane Bird
Barry and Karen Blackmore
Stuart and Rebecca Bowne
Julie Campoy
V. Shannon and Pamela Clyne
Marilyn and Don Conlan
Norma and Gary Cowles
Linda S. Dickason
Henry and Mary Eversole
Edward and Brooke Garlock
Donald and Taylor Hall
Jane Kaczmarek
Stephen A. Kanter, M.D.
Judith G. Kelly
Marlene Konnar and John Baldeschwieler
Joyce and Tom Leddy
Simon and June Li
Alison and Charles Lifland
Penny and Jay Lusche
Priscilla Moorman
Gretl and Arnold Mulder
Roger and Gloria V. Mullendore
Mullendore & Associates, Inc.
Rita and Terrence Roberts
Ann and Robert Ronus
Janet Rose
Dorothy McCay Scully
Gloria and Edward Smith
Annette Sneidmiller and Jim Ballinger
Julia Stewart and Tim Ortman
Karen and Jim Stracka
Phil and Kay Swan
Mary and Bill Urquhart
Katheryn and Douglas Venturelli
Maria Low Way
WHH Foundation

Barbara Byrne
Michael and Wendy Crowley
Fletcher Jones Foundation
Danzey Treanor
Betsey Tyler

Sara and George Abdo
Peggy Adams and Joel Edstrom
Linda J. Blinkenberg
Lois and Bob Boardman
Carol Curtis Bramhall
George and Marilyn Brumder
Sigrid Burton and Max Brennan
Bruce and Marty Coffey
Fred and Fritzie Culick
David and Holly Davis
Jim and Lynne DeWitt
Mrs. Paul Erskine
Sandra Esserman and Stephen McCurry
Donald M. Hoffman
Harvey and Ellen Knell
Marie-Laure Leglise
Jennifer Lewis and Albert Meymarian
Claude and Frank Logan
Lucia and Ben Logan
Marguerite Marsh, Ph.D
Diana Menkes
Janelle Hardin Morton
Mei-Lee Ney
Kathleen and Charles Peck
Maiya T. Penberthy
Peggy Phelps
Ken and Erika Riley
Betty Sandford
Cheryl and David Scheidemantle
Laurie Sowd
Peggy C. Spear
Timothy B. Still
Ann and Steven Sunshine
Tom and Laney Techentin
Ian and Barbara White-Thomson
Judy and John Whiting
Nancy S. York
Monica and Sebastian Zacharia

Special thanks to our 2015-2016 Mansions & Music hosts
Sigrid Burton and Max Brennan, Carol and Warner Henry, and Spencer Tien.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any mistakes or omissions. If you note an error, please contact ​ Melissa Froehlich, ​Director of Development, at ​626.683.3355 or ​